Shake the Dust Off Your Wings: Retailer Offers

News| 5th May 2021
Shake the Dust Off Your Wings: Retailer Offers
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Shop these exclusive offers and products from some of your favourite retailers in centre.

Ts & Cs apply.

Books Kinokuniya

Grab Leila Jeffreys’ books, Birdland and Des Oiseaux, available to purchase in store including signed copies.

Birdland - RRP $55.00

In Birdland, Australian fine-art photographer Leila Jeffreys presents us with a bird-watching experience like no other, drawing birds out from their leafy shadows and airy territories and presenting them to us with the skill and intricate detail of a portrait painter. The result is a stunning encounter with some of the world’s most beautiful birds.

Captured in a moment of stillness, Jeffreys’ feathered sitters reveal qualities and features that invite human projection. Birdland invites us to rediscover birds, to gaze unhindered, and to marvel at their many-splendored glory.


Des Oiseaux - RRP $79.95

With this book Leila Jeffreys takes us on a journey through tropical forests and jungles all over the world towards astonishing bird species that she has been taking studio portraits of since 2008: “I’ve long noticed how many birds have specific expressions, just like us”, she explains. Jeffreys’ images, which rely on a profound connection with her sitters cultivated over many years, are an exercise in both artistry and empathy. Cultivating the art of waiting, Jeffreys develops a gallery of whimsical and hyper-realist portraits where all the birds come attired in their most beautiful finery with sumptuous plumage colours. One by one, they let their character shine through: graceful, mischievous, shy, proud, timid, poseur, all of which seem to want to chat to the viewer. Her practice underlines how humans anthropomorphise animals and what we really do share.

This publication is part of the Des oiseaux (On birds) collection celebrating, through the vision of different artists, their immense presence in a world where they are now vulnerable. Accompanying these photographs, the ornithologist Guilhem Lesaffre writes a special essay.

Shop the books in-store, located on Level 2.

Oscar Wylee

Discover frames inspired by the colours of the Gouldian and Zebra Finches.

Gouldian finch inspired optical glasses
Kafka Frames in Confetti Lilac from $169
Vintage tortoiseshell rim flatters this rounded cat-eye frame. Inspired by the iconic Franz Kafka, this frame will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Zebra finch inspired optical glasses
Florence Frames in Mithril from $169
Looking for something casual but playful? Florence is your go-to square round frame with a defined double-bolt detailing. The perfect every day plus one.


Gouldian finch inspired sunglasses
Dunaway Frames in Cosmos from $199
The new Dunaway frame is an oversized feminine frame in vibrant colours. A versatile frame for any occasion should you wish to add a little colour to your day.

Zebra finch inspired sunglasses
Harris Frames in Prosecco from $129
A unisex design, boasting a keyhole nose bridge, and rounded lenses, this frame will truly up your eyewear game


Find these styles in-store, located on Ground Floor.

Dulcet Café
A Shake the Dust Off Your Wings-inspired cake.

A 70% single origin dark chocolate mousse with passionfruit pineapple curd centre and macadamia/chocolate base. The colours are inspired by the colours of the Gouldian and Zebra finch, topped with white chocolate feathers and gold leaf with an added “water droplet”. (GF)


Enjoy this special treat on Level 2, inside Books Kinokuniya.

Arthouse Hotel
The ‘Gouldiae’ Cocktail

Named after the vibrant colours in the plumage of the Gouldian Finch, the ‘Gouldiae’ cocktail was designed to reflect the nature and the look of these beautiful birds.

Cherry and cranberry are two flavours full of life. Archie Rose’s signature gin is a brilliant base gin, distilled with traditional and native botanicals. It provides the inviting foundation for this delicious-finch inspired cocktail. Tails up!


Drink and dine on Ground Floor.


Enjoy $4 off your favourite bowl when you order ahead. Use exclusive code: FUELLEDBYFISHBOWL.

Available until June 30.
Pick up and enjoy on Lower Ground, in our Food Gallery.



The creatives behind Lotus' kitchen have curated a Shake the Dust Off Your Wings-inspired dessert.

A stunning white chocolate mousse with raspberry Coulis & pistachio, topped with a golden chocolate feather.

Available until 31 May. Located on Level 2, book a table now.


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