This Dumpling Bar Has A Menu Item For Every Mood

News| 12th March 2024
This Dumpling Bar Has A Menu Item For Every Mood
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Stuck For Lunch Ideas? Dumpling Sis has you covered, no matter what you feel like.

At some point in everyone’s week, they experience the lunch debacle. You’re hungry, but you can’t for the life of you work out what you feel like eating. Call it decision fatigue, but deciding what to get to combat the midday munchies is surprisingly hard. Before you know it, you’re playing the lunchtime edition of 20 Questions. Maybe a soup, but will that really fill me up? A wrap could be good, but what filling do I want? Sushi is always a safe bet, but am I bored of it?  

It shouldn’t be this hard, and Dumpling Sis can help. With a menu brimming with hot, cold, light and more substantial snacks to satiate you come lunchtime, this little dumpling bar in The Galeries food court promises to stop the lunch debacle dead in its tracks. Need some help deciding? Read on for the food for every mood, courtesy of Dumpling Sis.  

It’s cold. I want something to warm me up.  

Chicken and corn soup + Vegetable spring rolls 

A bowl of nourishing soup and some crispy, veg-filled spring rolls will hit the spot. Designed to warm the cockles of your heart.  

I had a big breakfast. I just want something light to fill the gap.  

Mini prawn wonton soup 

A flavoursome soup made more substantial with the addition of mini prawn wontons. It’ll get you right through to dinner time.  

I’m famished. Give me all the food.  

Stir-fried noodles with chicken + Steamed mixed vegetable buns 

Protein-rich chicken will fill you up, while the noodles and vegetables make it a meal. The steamed buns ought to well and truly hit the spot.  

I’m eating healthy. Help! 

Braised green beans and eggplant with rice + Hot and sour soup 

Get your serve of vegetables in with flavoursome braised beans and eggplant. A hot and sour soup will hit every taste bud, ensuring you feel satiated.  

I’m sharing with friends.  

Steamed vegetable dumplings + Pan fried pork buns + Stir-fried noodles with pork + Special fried rice  

All the favourites in one place. Start off with steamed dumplings and pork buns then finish with the more substantial noodles and fried rice.  

I’m running back to the office. Give me something quick and easy. 

Mapo tofu with rice 

Salty, spicy mapo tofu promises protein and flavour in equal measure while the rice makes it a meal. Grab it and go for a filling desk lunch.  

Visit Dumpling Sis on Lower Ground.

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