Who Run The World? The Women Behind These Businesses

News| 1st March 2024
Who Run The World? The Women Behind These Businesses
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When it comes to business and industry leaders and executives, women are grossly underrepresented. Despite the leaps and bounds we’ve undoubtedly made in getting women closer to the top in every industry, from finance to fashion, there’s still a substantial way to go. The pay gap is ever present, while most of the major fashion houses are headed up by white men, from the design to the business sides.

In light of International Women’s Day this month — a day made for championing the plights of women everywhere — we’re shining a light on the businesses led by fearless females. From fashion to beauty, these brands have women at their helms, and they’re doing a whole lot more than you might realise. Here, a bit about four female-led business at The Galeries.


Who’s in charge? Ditte Reffstrupp with her husband Nicolaj Reffstrup.

When did it launch? The brand launched in 2000, but didn’t gain cult-status until Ditte stepped into the role of creative director in 2009.

What’s it known for? The epitome of Scandi style. Playful silhouettes, fun patterns, bold colours and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Why should you shop there? Beloved by cool girls everywhere for a reason, the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has fun at its heart and is committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to sustainability and fashion.

P.E Nation

Who’s in charge? Pip Edwards and Claire Greaves.

When did it launch? 2016.

What’s it known for? Pieces that blur the line between activewear and streetwear.

Why should you shop there? For activewear you can wear all day long without looking like you’ve just come back from the gym. Comfort that’s also incredibly cool.


Who’s in charge? The brand was started by Lisa Gorman, though she stepped back from her eponymous label in 2021.

When did it launch? 1999.

What’s it known for? Bold, bright, colourful pieces in super fun prints. The ultimate in dopamine dressing.

Why should you shop there? Few brands lean into fun as much as Gorman does. It’s perfect for the playful dresser.

The Body Shop

Who’s in charge? The brand was started by the late Dame Anita Roddick.

When did it launch? 1976.

What’s it known for? Crafting ethically-made beauty products with natural ingredients.

Why should you shop there? The brand’s strong commitment to working closely with and supporting the communities where their ingredients are sourced and products are made. Plus, they make really great naturally-derived skincare.

Nudie Jeans

Who’s in charge? The brand was founded by Maria Erixon.

When did it launch? 2001.

What’s it known for? Creating tomorrow’s vintage, otherwise known as sustainably made jeans that they’ll repair free of charge for as long as you have them.

Why should you shop there? A pair of jeans should last a lifetime, and these one’s actually will. Plus, all jeans are made with organic cotton and transparent processes.

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