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124 X Atelier Stefani In-store now...

27 Jun 2019


We interviewed Stefanie Schoeninger, artisan and shoemaker behind Atelier Stefani to find out what inspires her everyday...

Tell us about yourself, and how you began designing footwear?

I was born and raised in Germany, but always thirsty for the world. My restless heart took me to many different places; shoes made me want to stay. Drawn by the creative industry, I was always in search for the purest essence of art.

Whilst studying Economic Sciences in Germany and Entrepreneurship in Sydney I gained experience in different aspects of management, luxury fashion and had the opportunity to work with start-ups in Berlin. Still in search for a calling, my journey went on from creative direction at a film production company, to project management at a music and PR agency.

At 28, I started working as a marketing manager for one of the best shoemakers in Sydney. Soon enough, I realised that the craft itself caught my attention more than anything else. Obsessed by the idea of becoming a master shoemaker, I ventured into learning the traditional ways of the art.

In December 2016 I founded Atelier Stefani, making an impact through original thinking and inspired doing.


What inspires you?

Fashion is a form of art and art is an outlet to express your personality, your emotions and the values you stand for.
I aim to make shoes of integrity for people of character; shoes that tell a story and help give you a sense of joy, but also confidence and authenticity.

So most of my designs are inspired by my customers, their personality, their interests and the lifestyle they lead for them to be able to take my creation onto their journey and make it their own.

If I feel that a number of people could identify themselves with the design, I add it to the Atelier Stefani range. Due to the natural materials I use each shoe is different and it develops its unique character in time, influenced by the wearer and the experiences it goes through.

Wearing a pair of handcrafted shoes that is made only for you goes far beyond the purpose itself.


What are the trends this season?

Atelier Stefani believes that uniqueness still exists and aims to prosper individuality. We want to remind the world of something essential that we have lost touch for... There was a time, long before mass production became a thing, when artisans and craftsmen were making something for the individual. They didn’t follow any trends; the client and their originality were the center of their creation – for a reason.

Having said this, I most certainly keep myself updated with global fashion and trends. Awareness and attention to innovation, style and culture are always going to be outlets for inspiration and creativity.

Winter 2019 brings clean neutral tones along with unstrstructured tailoring and a fascination for contrasting textures to the streets. These trends tie in perfectly with our brand aesthetic, our modern classic winter designs and the accented colour pallet contoured with bold earthy hues.


Tell us about the collaboration with 124 Shoes?

It is incredible to be able to share our passions and work towards a common goal

The brand values of 124 and Atelier Stefani go hand in hand. These two Australian luxury brands embody a synergy of traditional craftsmanship and authentic style, striving to offer the perfect combination of uniqueness and character.

We want to make a difference in the footwear market, supporting slow fashion and products with meaning, bringing back traditional rules of the craft with a touch of modernity.