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Gorman's Out of the Bag

08 Aug 2019

One million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the globe and most end up in landfill or our oceans 🌍

Gorman recycled PET styles are produced from plastic bottles. Recycled PET does not require any new petroleum which lowers the demand for new petroleum extraction, making recycled PET a more sustainable fabric choice.

As part of the Mangkaja x Gorman range, Gorman has released their 'Jilji and Bila Raincoat' made of 100% recycled PET. Available in store and online now. 

In 2018, gorman introduced the 'Out of the bag' project to eliminate single use plastic bags from their stores. They no longer offer a bag with every purchase and encourage customers to bring their own. While they prefer customers to not take a bag, they understand there are times when they may need one, so a recycled multi use carry bag is available to purchase. The bag is made from recycled PET and for the purchase price of $3.30AUD we will direct net proceeds to an environmental organisation such as Bush Heritage Australia.