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25 Jul 2018

Healthy Burgers, Healthy Planet.

Caring about sustainability and the environment around us is in Grilld’s DNA.

Grill’d are thinking bigger and doing better. One burger at a time.

Straws Suck

Grill’d are now plastic-straw free. Saving 1.6 million black plastic straws from going to landfill each year.

Animal Welfare

Grill’d burger standards are high. So are their animal welfare standards. Grill’d beef, lamb, and eggs are free-range, chicken and pork are RSPCA approved.

Recycled Cooking Oil

In the past 12 months Grill’d have recycled 265,000 litres of oil.

Sustainably Planted Forests

The paper and cardboard for Grill’d takeaway packaging, knife sleeves and Mini Me kids packs is PEFC and FSC Certified. It comes from sustainably planted forests. For every tree cut down, another one gets planted in its place.

Water-Based Coating

Thanks to water-based coatings, Grill’d packaging is 100% recyclable. No more petroleum-based chemicals.

Dimming Lights System

Grill’d use a dimming system, which saves 57% of energy needed to light in restaurants.

Energy Meters

Energy meters in Grill’d restaurants help see where energy goes so they are able to plan solutions to use less energy.

$4,000,000 To Local Matters

Grill’d Local Matters program has raised almost $4,000,000. Thanks to 20,000 local community groups and organisations.

Check out the full impact Grill’d are making at