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Freda Chiu: Illustrator & Storyteller

21 Jan 2019

Freda Chiu, Sydney-based freelance illustrator and educator at The University of Technology Sydney has been commissioned by The Galeries to create an illustrative narrative behind the ‘Year of The Pig’ celebrations in Sydney.

Her fascination by the quiet narratives embedded in the everyday lives of people, surroundings and their stories has been the inspiration behind the illustration. Using paint as her main medium the illustration is all about having fun and celebrating! The gold pigs floating in the sky are each carrying a lucky offerings with Oranges representing luck and wealth, specific Lunar New Year foods, and red lucky packets often given as gifts during the festivities. Nods to Sydney icons of fireworks and the Sydney Opera House can be found in the decorative background.

Artist Statement:
"Follow the lucky pigs as they clash and clang their way into a new year filled with happiness, health and prosperity! Lunar New Year is a festival that is associated with several myths, customs and symbols. In my artwork, each floating pig carries an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture such as red envelopes containing money (in even numbers for good luck), tangerines (for wealth), and an assortment of foods that are traditionally eaten during the festival for long life and happiness. Gold, red and green are lucky colours in China, and the diagonal composition implies continuity to motivate viewers to move forward from the past."

FREDA CHIU创作的“猪年”壁画
让我们跟随幸运的猪猪们一起跨入充满着幸福,健康和繁荣的新年吧! 中国农历新年是充满着神话传说,风俗习惯和符号象征的节日。 在我的艺术作品中,每只漂浮的猪在中国文化中都带有一个吉祥的象征,例如装有金钱的红包(双数的金额象征着好运), 橘子(象征着财富),以及在节日期间食用的各种传统食物(象征着长寿和幸福)。在中国,金色,红色和绿色是幸运色,对角线构图意味着连续性,从而来激励观众们告别过去,迈向未来。

Watch Freda re-create the illustration inside The Galeries in the video below: