The Streets of Spring

Experience the seductive world of artist, designer and collector, Dina Broadhurst as she takes over the laneways of The Galeries. The Streets of Spring explore the concepts of Reflection, New Love, Regeneration and Growth.

Experience the seductive world of artist, designer and collector, Dina Broadhurst as she takes over the laneways of The Galeries. The Streets of Spring explore the concepts of Reflection, New Love, Regeneration and Growth.

Exclusive to The Galeries, The Streets of Spring will be on display until end of September. See below for a peek, and meaning behind the artworks:

Galeries SpringVention Day1 WEBRES-98

Galeries SpringVention Day1 WEBRES-94

Galeries SpringVention Day1 WEBRES-134

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Reflection encourages the viewer to interact direct with the artwork and become the body in the work. Immediately drawing you in as the focus and subject, asking you to reflect, be present, while understanding what is behind you and what is possible to come. Acceptance is paramount, to see what is in front of you, embrace and appreciate while practicing looking within rather than focusing on the external. Abstraction, perspective and seeing things through different eyes. It is all an illusion. An allure. Enjoy the beauty but don't let it dominate who you are.


New Love heightens the seduction of aesthetic love that we are bombarded with in popular culture/advertising, by editing and cropping, creating a never ending story or loop that draws the viewer closer to the offer of intimacy and hope. This is further heightened by the anonymous identity of the "models/characters" playing out their parts, allowing us to transfer ourselves even closer to the dream. Organic forms of entwined bodies and embraces create a journey of pleasure and fulfilment, a visual manifestation of emotion, the shine of the new, and the glimmering hope we all hold for those precious beginnings, to fall in love and create new life.


Like the term "spring cleaning", this series of regeneration is made up of crops and edits of still life set ups using colour, texture and blooms in large scale macro perspective to rejuvenate and trigger emotions. Shape and line move in upwards directions, stems and flowers stretch towards a new light, blossoming into your consciousness.

Like the seasons come and go and return full circle, so does our individual journey through life, which shapes each and every one of us. There is always light and shade, highs and lows, but the sum of both the negative and positive is what makes us and shapes who we are. This series is more a celebration of overcoming obstacles, the beauty of perspective and seeing things in a new light. And that good feeling of starting a fresh, letting your guard down, learning from experience, and clearing out the "old" or unwanted.


This portrait series uses collage and mixed media to obliterate the aesthetic features of the face that we look to for attraction and perfection, forcing us to instead look within and not take others at face value. Themes of reflection, growth, blooming, flowering, coming into being, the transformations in nature as well as within ourselves, the elements and emotion emerging from the canvas.

Spring signals a new beginning on the horizon, a chance for change or something new, to restart, to grow, to forge forward while remembering to look within at all the things that have shaped us, our experiences that have made us who we are, family, love, birth, death, pain and joy. All things we should wear proud like a medal and not hide behind. People connect and are not drawn to perfection in others, rather they are drawn to imperfection, shared interests, shared problems and life energy. Hiding ones humanity and trying to project an image of perfection makes a person lifeless, unreal and uninteresting.



Broadhurst's works draw the viewer through colour and composition, a perfectly poised image of allure, posing the question what is beautiful?

The untamed natural beauty inside versus the staged, polished, edited and cropped versions that we present to others and consume daily. A sterile "face" or image devoid of emotion, but all that burns underneath the "skin". The images leave you with a pretty picture that you can read into wherever your mind takes you.

A memory, a prompt to look within yourself & an emotion, a colour, a smell. Beauty exists in all that is around us, in nature, in simplicity, even in the mundane. Let her carefully staged compositions seduce you to find the hidden beauty within all.

The Streets of Spring will be at The Galeries from 7 September - 30 September 2017.