11 reasons to visit Japan

It's no surprise that the world has gone craazzzy for this awesome country ...

Japan has risen to the top of must-do holidays for 2017. Back in December last year Amazon reported that titles about Japan were the bestselling non-UK travel books.

Here's eleven reasons to understand the Japan-craze that won't be going away any time soon (and to seriously, really, most definitely think about booking your ticket!).


1. Temples & Shrines. As much as adventures of big city lights are alluring, always remember to take time out to devote yourself to natures side of Japan. In the country that says ''The environment makes our characters'' you won't be stuck for breath-taking places to go. Pick a place that sets your imagination alight and prepare to be wow'd. Image: Instagram / @mi_migel.



2. Capsule Hotels. You can't do Japan and not stay in one of these bad boys. Yes indeed! What you're looking at right there is a HOTEL. A teeny, perfectly formed, super cool HOTEL. That hype is very real. Slide feet (or head?!) first into one of your weirdest, best sleeps yet. Image: Instagram / @maggiekow.



3. Fashion. Prepare to fuel your creative side! Take inspiration from the streets of Harajuku and leave with a new kind of wardrobe wishlist. As you'll soon find out - no one does fashion like Japan does fashion. Image: Instagram / @tokyofashion 



4. Kit Kats. Live like a clued up kid in a world where Kit Kat is King! No one goes to Japan and comes back proud of trying ''one new flavour'' – you gotta try as many as you can squeeze in! Image: Instagram / @slieu13



5. Puppy Cafes. Hello, hi, heyyyyy Puppy Cafes! PUPPIES. AND CUPS OF TEA. PUPPIES AND COFFEE. Puppy cafes exist - they are a thing! You can even order a ''Puppyccino'' ... #nuffsaid Image: Instagram / @jayceedubs



6. Safe solo travel. Never fear - Japan is here! Sometimes you're the only one that wants to hit the road at a given time. Japan has yo' back - it's voted the #1 safest place in Asia to navigate alone. So don't you worry; with or without your fave travel buddies - you've more than got this! Image: Instagram / @dmeirizka.



7. F O O D. – We're talking fresh sashimi, spice ramen and gourmet gyozas a go go! (Don't forget to Instagram all of your epic meals or they ''didn't happen''. Image: Instagram / @yuchicooo



8. Sushi. Take your passion for Sushi Hub back to it's home. It's time to eat the rainbow! Image: Instagram / @chefelychin



9. Tech. Gadgets. All of that good stuff.  Japan is ten steps ahead of the game when it comes to all things techy – get your geek on and explore the next best must-have. Image: Instagram / @samys_camera



10. Sakura Bloom. Oh to be under the splendour of the Sakura Bloom! Each year, for 2-3 weeks, during Spring (now!) the blooms become a hotspot for picturesque picnics. Gather your gang, or your favourite book, and find your spot underneath Japan's beauty. Image: Instagram / @globalboho2u



11. Kawaii. Cute overload! No place on our glorious earth does CUTE like Japan. Japanese see living the cute ''Kawaii'' life as a form of escapism from the chores of reality. We've got a lot of time for this train of thought!. Think dressing up, collectables, Kawaii Girls and much more in stores, on the streets and beyond! Image: Instagram / @bluehairchic

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